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Many organizations use structured methods for solving business problems.  These methods range from the 8D approach developed by FORD and used across the automotive industry to the Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) approach used in the regulated lifescience and healthcare industries.

Despite extensive efforts over the years to create efficient and effective problem-solving methods, many organizations are still challenged to achieve the desired results.  Read more to understand how your team can improve its methods of root-cause analysis and develop a more effective problem-solving approach.

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The focus of efforts in many process intensive industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, vaccines, and medical device includes the development, validation, and improvement of each process that touches the product.  Given the rich evolution of these efforts over the past 75 years we would expect to see stellar performance across all cited industries.  However, many organizations still struggle to reap the full benefits of years of knowledge building.

What stands in the way of achieving desired results on a consistent basis?  Read more to learn about process design, improvement, and validation support opportunities with us.

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To sustain the benefits of good design and improvement practice your organization should exercise good process control discipline.  Knowledge of the critical process variables is essential to this effort, but not sufficient.  In addition, your team needs to understand how the variation of all critical inputs combine to produce the variation in process performance.  This is a daunting task that many organizations fail to complete, and as a result risk significant loss of revenue and customer value.

We can help your team develop economic practices for managing processes that yield robust and consistent performance.  Read more to see how.

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