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Our Clients

Over the past years, we have supported a number of well-known companies in a broad range of industries to include life-science, oil and gas services, pharmaceutical, surrogate consulting services, and medical devices. Our client support list includes: Bayer Healthcare, Teleflex Medical, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, BP Americas, Genentech, and Sanofi-Pasteur.  Below are a few recommendations received from our clients:

Client Recommendations

“I worked with Ken on two problem solving projects at sanofi pasteur.  Ken demonstrated excellent facilitation skills, strong expertise, and extensive knowledge in problem solving methodologies and their applications.  Ken was able to work well with the project teams, and was able to quickly learn and digest the new business and process information. My team has benefited tremendously from Ken's coaching and participation in our projects.”    Y.F. Ma, Sanofi Pasteur

“Our company had hired Ken Myers/Ascendant Consulting a few times for different purposes, including training us in Problem Solving methodologies, training and facilitating our use of Design of Experiments in optimizing a manufacturing process, and designing and rolling out our Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Black Belt and Green Belt training and certification program.  He developed training modules and simulations that were specific to our Biotech industry (prior to this, most of the training we had used was not Biotech-specific), and he trained students in our first 2 waves.  Our company's objective was to have him develop a program that he could hand over to us by training us as trainers, and to this day we still use his Problem Solving methodology for our most critical issues, we still follow his DOE guidelines, and we have rolled out the training he designed to other sites in North America and Asia.  His knowledge, experience, and wisdom is profound in these areas, and I highly recommend him.”
R. Omega, Bayer Healthcare

“Ken and I had been asked to lead a problem solving exercise for a complex issue that had an entire plant shut down. It was a high stress situation with considerable pressure from executive leadership to resume operations quickly.  Prior to assembling the problem solving team, corrective measures had been attempted by area personnel but were unsuccessful. There were no tangible leads going forward, so we were basically starting from scratch. Because of the complexity and wide-spread nature of the problem, the team was skeptical that a root cause could be found quickly, however, Ken was focused and confident from the start. Ken selected a custom problem solving model he had mastered that was a combination of Six Sigma DMAIC, Kepner-Tregoe, and general TQM.  After intense data review, examination of facts from the investigation, plant tours and employee interviews, we narrowed in on a cause. Ken’s piercing focus and problem solving abilities are remarkable.  He has the capacity to quickly weed out leads that are not supported by facts, which allows a team to focus clearly and efficiently on the true problem(s). I have kept in contact with Ken since this experience for help and advice on other problems. Ken is the best problem solver/facilitator I have worked with in my 21 years of experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”   S. Good, APP Pharmaceuticals

“I met Ken about 7 years ago, during a Black Belt training for Baxter Bioscience in Vienna, Austria. He was one of the instructors in the course.  After the first hour of his presentation, I realized that the presentation material was something that I would be referencing a lot in my future. The material was concise, crisp, and to the point.  Ken's presentation skills were outstanding. His ability to communicate complex topics simply yet thoroughly was outstanding.  I still use the training material as refreshers for myself, and leverage that information to help people in my organization grasp these complex topics.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ken if the situation should arise."
P. Patel, Baxter BioScience

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