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Privacy Policy

Information We May Collect

Contact Information - In the "Contact Us" and "Feedback" web pages of our website we ask that you include contact information when filling out these forms so that we may return a reply, as needed.  For instance, the required information requested for the "Contact Us" webpage is:  your name, company, position, email address, and how you heard about us.  We use this information to provide a substantive reply to your request for information from us.  Under no circumstances do we provide any contact information to third party organizations or sell this information to data collection companies.  We maintain all contact information off-line from our web site to insure it is not accessible to unscrupulous hackers who might gain temporary access to our website via our Internet Service Provider (ISP) server.  Rest assured that any information you provide us, remains with us.

IP Address - If you are connected to the internet you will have a unique IP Address. This address may take the form of a set of values, such as 265.441.67.1.  Your IP address may be collected and logged during the connection of your computer to our web server and may be used to determine the total number of visits to each part of the site. If there is a security breach to our website, then the relevant IP Address causing the breach can be identified by our ISP and the user may be contacted to clarify their access intentions. 

Cookies - As is common with many websites, when you enter our site your computer may automatically be issued an "access cookie."  Access cookies are data structures that identify your computer to our server and personalize the site for future use. Cookies only record the areas of our site that a your computer has visited.  The generated cookie resides on your computer, and it does will not provide us with any of your personal information. Therefore, if you have not supplied us with any personal contact information, you can still browse our site anonymously. If you do not want to store our cookie, then you can set your browser to deny it.   Turning off the cookies setting in your browser may limit accessibility to our site, and possibly limit your browsing experience while visiting us.  To improve your experience at our site, please consider allowing your browser to receive a cookie from our site.

Ownership and Use of Contact Information

Ascendant Consulting is the sole owner of any information collected on this website. You acknowledge and consent that information provided to Ascendant Consulting in connection with the use of this website may be used for such purposes as, but not limited to:  marketing initiatives and promotions, sales opportunities, product/service development, research, and website statistical analysis to determine site usage and site/page activity.  All information collected on this site can be used for any business purpose deem useful by Ascendant Consulting.  Ascendant Consulting will not release any contact or other information provided through this website to third parties.

Scope of Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the Ascendant Consulting website at and all other domains that re-direct from this website. We are only responsible for the privacy practices on these sites. Links within this site to other websites are not covered by this policy, nor is Ascendant Consulting responsible for accuracy of information provided on other websites connected to us. We recommend that you check the privacy policies of the other websites that you visit to insure your privacy on those sites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Ascendant Consulting reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time. Accordingly, we recommend that you check this page periodically in order to review our current privacy policy.

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