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Value Drivers and Differentiators

Experience   Ken Myers is the principal consultant for all engagements. He has over 20 years experience helping clients create sustainable results across the value chain. Ken is an experienced systems practitioner who brings theory and practice together to create measureable results for the clients he serves.
Focus on
  We work within established regulatory and other requirements to develop preventative business and compliance solutions. We do this by helping your team understand the key drivers of business performance, and then we assist them in developing effective solutions from the acquired process knowledge.  We can also work with your team to identify and eliminate system complexity, which limits the smooth flow of work creating additional costs without generating corresponding customer value.
  We are driven to provide timely, measureable, and quality results for your organization. We work with our clients to develop the most effective methods to achieve their desired goals. We will do everything within our power to insure the success of our clients!
Blend of "Soft Strategies" with
"Hard Tools
  We use a combination of “hard tools” and “soft strategies” to develop effective and sustainable improvement solutions. The success of most business improvement efforts typically requires acceptance by the team(s) that will implement the desired change.  In our experience, we have found that a combined approach using the proper balance of "hard tools", "soft strategies", and "good leadership" is key in developing long-term robust and sustainable business improvement.
Clients are
the Experts
  It is not our practice to come into an operation and begin fixing issues based on a cursory review of the client’s current conditions. Instead, we engage your team using proven group methods to develop a deeper understanding of your situation.  We work with your team to review the facts and data to render a complete understanding of the issues.  We believe our clients ultimately hold the answers to their success, and simply require an opportunity to create the best solutions available to them!  Our role is to guide your team to develop the best available solutions, and help them to determine the best implementation path within business constraints and cultural dependencies. 

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