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This is a nexus of general information provided on our site.  This information is comprised of articles and presentations supporting our work. Our intent in providing this information is to give the reader a cursory understanding of the subject matter provided and a sense of broad area of coverage we support. Many of the articles included on this site reference the collective work of others, or establish an understanding of the concepts and applications used both successfully and unsuccessfully for years by many organizations and businesses across the world.

It is our desire to provide the reader a sense of the myriad of interconnections between the topics covered and provide compelling examples to dispel a "one-size-fits-all" or "silver-bullet" paradigm held by some today.  We do this to give the reader an opportunity to consider systems-based solutions that are available in developing new processes, improving existing processes, or solving challenging problems.  In cases where we provide an opinion to the present state of an application, we will clearly reference these articles as such in the listing below.

We hope you find the articles and presentations both interesting and compelling.  Please feel free to send us your comments, questions, or corrections using the "Feedback" applet found in the footer of any webpage on our site.


Title and Description Presentation Type


Applied Kaizen Improvement (ASQ November 2017)

This is a full presentation on the concept of Kaizen improvement using a case study to illustrate the approach. It also provides additional detail and understand when Kaizen improvement is useful to practice and how it integrates with both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.


Overview-Structured Problem Solving (ASQ March 2015)

This is an overview presentation on the structured problem solving methodology co-developed over 15 years ago and have used since then to solve some of the most difficult and challenging industrial problems known to the industries I served.


Some Things You May not Know about FMEAs (ASQ May 2013)

The purpose of this presentation is to provide the attendees some insight into the methods and tools used to manage risk in their organizations. One of the more popular methods of risk management used since the early 1960s is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or FMEA.  This presentation focuses on some of the well documented short-comings of the FMEA method and the ramifications of poorly assessed conditions of risk.


Lean vs. Six Sigma - Which is Better? (ASQ Nov 2012)

This presentation was designed to provide understanding about these two popular business improvement methods and hopefully dispel the ongoing confusion and misunderstanding about their use.


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