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This section provides a number of selected case studies that illustrate the services provided by Ascendant Consulting. The names of the our clients in these case studies have been changed to maintain contractual confidentiality requirements.  In addition, the actual measures used and process details have been altered to again maintain client confidentiality requirements.  The secondary purpose for providing these case studies is to give the reader some understanding of the strategies and methods used to develop successful solutions to many uncommon issues found in business today.  Parallels to these solutions are found across all industries.  Any similarities between a given case study and your particular situation are purely coincidental.

Lean and Flow Improvement

Case Study #2: Throughput Improvement Efforts Supporting a Pilot Production Operation
This case study looks at a system designed to develop process understanding for the product development team.  This system uses design of experiment methods to develop that understanding.  The experimentation process used to build process understanding is slow and time consuming. The Pilot Plant Ops team thought that Lean methodology could help them in improving process speed and throughput.  We worked with the pilot team to show them there was more work required than a few Lean exercises to improve their throughput to meet site requirements.
Case Study #3: Applied Kaizen Improvement
This case study illustrates the use of Kaizen/Lean improvement within a medical device company to improve the documentation change management system to better manage design changes for manufactured products.  It includes background, basic concepts and goals of the Kaizen approach to business operations improvement.  There is also a brief discussion on how best to use the Kaizen approach to drive improvement in a business. 

Variation Reduction and Six Sigma

Case Study #1: Problem Solving Efforts Supporting Long-term Quality Loss
This case study illustrates the use of a novel problem solving methodology used to solve a long-standing problem with an life science operation that produced products using human plasma as the raw material.

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