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We have over 20 years experience training and facilitating global teams in many areas and settings across the world.  We can provide training and/or facilitation at the shop floor, department, facility, or corporate levels.  We have working experience in design, manufacturing, supplier development, quality, and customer support.  Our training and facilitation is usually custom tuned to the client's needs and designed to use real-world examples from the areas supporting the client's business.  Our aim is to develop a practical, rather than theoretical, understanding of the subject-matter.  However, all of our training is founded in firm science, chemistry, and statistical theory.  Some of the areas we provide training in follow:

  • Lean Operations
  • Six Sigma
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Design and Validation
  • Process Lifecycle Management
  • Risk Management
  • Design of Experiments
  • Change Management
  • Acceptance Sampling Methodology
  • Basic Statistical Methods

Training Examples

In-Class Lean Six Sigma Improvement Training Example (PowerPoint Deck)
This training example walks the student through the Lean Six Sigma improvement method using simulation and statistical analysis software. This example is designed to give the student a sense how the improvement process is carried out, and how each step of the DMAIC project gating process is done. It is best viewed using PowerPoint version 2003 or greater, and can also be view using Open Office.

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